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The Growth of Online Shopping for Glasses

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

During the past few years, the world of online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. There are even numbers showing that the rate of purchases done online is growing so quickly that it will soon pass the sales conducted in brick and mortar stores. Now, the world of online shopping is coming to the healthcare industry as well. In 2017 alone, eight million pairs of prescription glasses were purchased using the internet. While this was less than five percent of the glasses market at the time, this number is going to go up. One of the biggest barriers to purchasing glasses online is the requirement of an updated prescription. Now, patients are learning they can go to the doctor, get the prescription, and use it to purchase glasses online.


There are a few reasons why this is happening. First, people have access to a larger selection of glasses. The convenience factor used to mean that people would simply purchase their glasses in the same location they had the eye exam done. This reduced travel time and allowed people to purchase frames that might have caught their eye on the way in the door. Thanks to the growth of online glasses, people have the option to look through an almost unlimited selection, allowing them to find the pair that is perfect for them.

Next, purchasing glasses online also allows people to save money. The reality is that glasses are expensive and purchasing them in a physical store might not provide them with access to the right deal. When it comes to online shopping, people are able to browse options from some of the leading brands. There could be a great sale going on, allowing people to find the glasses of their dreams at a discount.

Finally, technology has progressed to the point where people are able to find glasses that fit them even using the computer. One of the barriers to the world of online glasses shopping in the past was that people were worried that the glasses they purchased might not fit them. Now, in addition to the prescription, people can enter the distance between their pupils, the length of the legs of the glasses, and the size of the bridge of their nose and come up with a pair that fits perfectly every time. This is one of the biggest reasons whlasses online.

If there ever comes a time when people can get an eye exam done online, this market is going to explode. For now, people need to be aware that buying glasses online is a great option.